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CWOC - Cold Weather Orientation course


Class Report Date End Date Suspense
14/001 12 Nov 2013 15 Nov 2013 27 Sep 13
14/002 3 Dec 2013 6 Dec 2013 22 Oct 13
14/003 3 Feb 2014 6 Feb 2014 20 Dec 13
14/004 3 Mar 2014 6 Mar 2014 17 Jan 14

Packing list

Click here for the CWOC Packing List (updated 01.25.14)

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Courses material and scope

Cold Weather Orientation Course (Download the Student Handout)

a. Scope. The Cold Weather Orientation Course familiarizes commanders and staff officers with the knowledge/skills required in successfully planning and conducting operations in a cold, snow-covered environment. Emphasis is placed on the effects of cold on personnel and material, effects of the winter environment on operations, and planning considerations unique to the winter battlefield and cold regions. Cold weather risk-management procedures are stressed throughout the course of instruction.

b. Prerequisites.

(1) Enlisted personnel. E8 and above.

(2) Officer personnel. Warrant/commissioned officer, CW3/O3 and above.

(3) No P-2 or temporary profile(s) under the P, U, or L columns of the physical profile serial code (numerical) (PULHES) code.

(4) All students must meet minimum physical training and height and weight standards and have no temporary or permanent profile restricting exposure to cold temperatures.

(5) No security clearance is required.

(6) Soldiers not meeting the prerequisites listed above will get approval from the Commander, USANWTC, prior to the start of the course.

c. Reporting instructions. The Cold Weather Orientation Course (CWOC) begins at 0800 on the published start date and ends at 1130 on the end date. The CWOC will be conducted at the Black Rapids Training Site. The Northern Warfare Training Center is responsible for transportation from FWA to the Black Rapids Training Site and return. DPTSM will arrange bus transportation if there will be at least 10 people attending from FRA. The unit is responsible for travel to/from Black Rapids if there will be fewer than 10 people traveling from a given post. Soldiers arriving without the prescribed clothing and equipment items may be denied admission to the course. Post exchange facilities will not be available during training; attendees must bring adequate personal hygiene items/sundries to last the duration of the course.

Special note: Classes report to Building 3479, at 0800, on report date.

Students MUST have a Field Meal Card issued by their unit.