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CWIC - Cold Weather Indoctrination Course (CWIC)

Arctic skills’ training is designed to prepare USARAK Soldiers, mentally and physically, to operate safely and effectively in an inherently dangerous arctic environment. Cold Weather Indoctrination (CWIC) is the training program which was formerly referred to as Arctic Light Individual Training (ALIT) within USARAK. MSCs and tenant units are responsible for developing Soldier CWIC training programs within their organizations.

The purpose of CWIC is to train USARAK Soldiers in the critical skills required to conduct safe operations and training in an arctic environment. After completing CWIC, a Soldier will be ready to conduct training in an arctic environment. All new arrivals, both enlisted and officer, will complete CWIC I before participating in any field exercise, and CWIC I and II before participating in a field exercise during the winter months (01 October through 01 May). Host units must ensure units attached for training but not stationed in Alaska receive CWIC instruction before field training where temperatures will drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Users Guide to CWIC

- Download the Student Handout

- Cold Weather Training FAQ's

- Cold Weather Indoctrination Course (CWIC)
- Complete/Updated manual in PDF format

- CWIC Course Management Plan

- Risk Management for Cold Wx Ops, USARAK Pam 385-4

- United States Army Alaska Regulation 350-1

- Platform Class Slides

- Tent and Stove Evaluation Sheet for CWIC Instructors