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acc - assault climbers course - Level II



Class Report Date End Date Suspense
15/001 23-Jul-15 5-Aug-15 8-Jun-15
15/002 21-Aug-15 3-Sep-15 7-Jul-15
15/501 21-Apr-15 4-May-15  

Packing list

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A. Scope: The Assault Climber Course (ACC) trains Soldiers in the knowledge/skills required to lead small units/teams over technically difficult, hazardous or Class 4 and 5 mountainous terrain during summer months. Emphasis is placed on developing the Level 2 mountaineering tasks described in FM 3-97.61, Appendix A. The course is intended for units or individuals that will conduct operations in mountainous terrain and must operate independently of major units or organizations.

B. Prerequisites.

1. Enlisted Personnel: E-4 through E-7.

2. Warrant/commissioned officer personnel. WO-1, CW-2/O-1 and O-2 platoon level leaders.

3. Course is open to combat arms and soldiers attached to combat arms units. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis as approved by the Commandant, NWTC.

4. All students must have graduated from the BMMC or have appropriate Level I mountaineering training (such as the Vermont Mountain Warfare School Summer Course). The Commander, NWTC will determine if a student meets the prerequisites for this course.

5. Students may not have a P-2 or temporary profile(s) under the P, U, or L columns of the physical profile. All students must meet minimum physical training, height and weight standards. Students must not have an uncontrollable fear of heights.

6. All students should view/study the knot tying videos at prior to attending course. This is essential to ensuring students do not fall behind early in course. Students should know how to tie these knots on command prior to arrival at course. Prospective students can sign out rope from TSC or can use 550 chord etc as a training aid.

7. Soldiers not meeting the prerequisites listed above will need to get approval from the Commander, NWTC, prior to the start of the course.

8. Students MUST have a Field Meal Card issued by their unit. Special waivers will only be granted with approval from the Commander, NWTC prior to the start of the course.

9. A security clearance is not required.

C. Special Notes:

1. All items listed on the packing list for each course (see NWTC website will be inspected on day zero for accountability and serviceability. Students arriving with unserviceable or missing equipment will be required to obtain the equipment prior to departing for Black Rapids Training Site or will be required to return to home station. NWTC does not have a supply system to DX or replace missing equipment.

2. Absolutely no personal climbing equipment (harness, carabiners etc.) will be used during BMMC, ACC or MWOC. Unit issued climbing equipment (HAMK) may be used but will be inspected by NWTC personnel first. Unit issued snowshoes, skis and ski poles may be used during winter courses.