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Welcome to the official website of the United States Army Alaska's Northern Warfare Training Center. Currently, NWTC is based at Ft. Wainwright with training conducted at the Black Rapids Training Site approximately 30 miles south of Delta Junction, next to the Delta River. The Center is organized as three sections, Operations, Training Branch, and Standards Branch.

We Battle Cold and Conquer Mountains

Arctic, subarctic, and mountain environments are brutally unforgiving to the unprepared. Units that have successfully fought in these environments have historically been those with special individual skills, are physically and mentally tough, and have extensive experience and expertise operating in harsh conditions.

Courses Offered

NWTC Class Schedule 2014-2015

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NWTC Brochure

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relevant training

Our mission is to provide relevant training to the leaders of USARAK units so that they can fight and win in demanding cold weather and mountain environments. A Soldier trained in winter is also a good summer fighter; trained only in summer he is helpless in the winter!

General Information

Northern Warfare Training Center (NWTC) Mission: To train units and leaders in cold region and mountain operations in order to increase war fighting capabilities. The school currently trains over 1200 soldiers each year with the bulk of the training provided at the Black Rapids Training Site (BRTS).

Five courses are offered by the NWTC:

1. Cold Weather Orientation Course (CWOC): A four (4) day course designed for senior-level leaders and staff that provides training tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) in near/below freezing weather and provides a model for training soldiers on individual cold weather tasks.

2. Cold Weather Leaders Course (CWLC): An eleven (11) day course, designed for platoon-level leaders, that provides intensive training on risk management, land navigation, over-snow mobility, cold weather medical considerations, cold weather clothing, effects of cold on military equipment, cold weather sustainment and field-craft.

3. Basic Military Mountaineering Course (BMMC): A fifteen (15) day course that focuses on level 1 and 2 military mountaineer tasks listed in FM 3-97.61 and provides students with intensive training on risk management, route selection and hazard evaluation, mountain land navigation, mountain medical considerations, moving units over mountainous terrain, physical fitness, cold weather training, and field craft.

4. Assault Climber's Course (ACC): An eleven (11) day course that focuses on level 2 and 3 military mountaineer tasks listed in FM 3-97.61. This course is conducted by request only. Only students that graduate a Basic Military Mountaineering Course(BMMC) (NWTC , US Army Mountain Warfare Training Center, Jericho VT or USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport CA) with at least an 80% pass rate and all first-time "GO'S" will be allowed to attend an ACC. The ACC is higher risk training than BMMC and requires an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:3. Class size is limited to 18.

5. Mountain Warfare Orientation Course (MWOC): A four (4) day course designed to give a overview of the capabilities of Military Mountaineers and bring understanding of mountainous terrain to Company and Battalion level planners and leaders.

Soldiers attending a course will be housed in barracks located at BRTS or billeted in field conditions throughout Black Rapids. Bed assignments will be given on the day students arrive for training.

All personnel must arrive with a valid meal card or field meal card from their home station. Students must ensure they receive their DD Form 714, Meal Card, prior to departing for the course. Meal cards will not be issued at NWTC. Cash for meals at NWTC DFAC will not be accepted from students. Special waivers will only be granted with approval from the Commander, NWTC prior to the start of the course.

Transportation/Reporting Instructions

1. TDY orders must be adequately funded to include round trip transportation from the student's home station, to Fairbanks, AK and return. Transportation from Fort Wainwright to the Black Rapids Training Site and return to Fort Wainwright will be provided.

2. If flying, students must arrive at Fairbanks International Airport, Fairbanks, AK, NLT 2400 the day prior to the course's report date. Students arriving after the NLT time must call NWTC operations for instructions and may be required to return to their home station. Students are responsible for their own transportation and lodging prior to the report day and after graduation.

3. If flying, students will depart for their home stations from Fairbanks International Airport no earlier than 1700 hours the day following graduation; due to bus schedules, equipment turn-in and weather conditions. Students with flight times earlier than 1700 hours the day following graduation date will have to reschedule their flights.

4. Due to limited parking at the Black Rapids Training Site, privately owned vehicles and individual government vehicle travel are not authorized.

5. Fort Wainwright and non-JBER students – NWTC is responsible for transportation from Fort Wainwright to the Black Rapids Training Site and return. Students will be transported to, and arrive at, the Black Rapids Training Site between 1200 and 1600 on the report date.

6. JBER students – The USARAK G3 Schools section will arrange bus transportation if there will be at least ten people attending from JBER. The parent unit is responsible for inter-Alaska travel if there will be fewer than ten people traveling from a given post. JBER students will depart for the course 1 day prior to the report date.

7. Cadet students – transportation, Central Issue Facility, if required, and reporting procedures will be coordinated between the Cadet Liaison and the NWTC Operations section.

Special Instructions:
All students must have their own set of individual orders.

Medical Records/Medication:
1. Individual health and dental records are not required to be brought by the student to any NWTC courses.

2. Students requiring medication for a previous condition will bring enough medication to get them through the course.

Course Policies

1. Student capacity and student/instructor ratio for NWTC courses are variable, dependent on the scope of the course and nature of the instruction. A standard yearly training plan is in effect to ensure training areas are not overcrowded and student quotas do not exceed NWTC's instructor strength.

2. Students must meet the prerequisites for each course. These prerequisites can be found on the NWTC website ( or in the ATRRS course catalog ( Students not meeting any of the prerequisites must have prior approval of the Commander, NWTC.

3. NWTC may tailor instruction to meet special needs of students, if justified. Requests will be addressed to the Commander, NWTC.

4. Absolutely no personal climbing equipment (harness, carabiners etc.) will be used during BMMC, ACC or MWOC. Unit issued climbing equipment (HAMK) may be used but will be inspected by NWTC personnel first. Unit issued snowshoes, skis and ski poles may be used during winter courses.

5. Soldiers and Cadets who needed equipment from CIF will ensure there is adequate time after graduation to clear CIF if needed. NWTC will not clear for you.

6. Due to limited off-duty time, students should only deploy with approximately $100.00 to purchase health and comfort items or other items as required.

7. There is no separate issue facility at Black Rapids Training Site; attendees arriving without prescribed clothing and equipment items may be denied admission to the course.

8. There are no Post Exchange facilities available at the Black Rapids Training Site; attendees must bring adequate personal hygiene items/sundries to last the duration of the course.

Contact Information:
Northern Warfare Training Center (NWTC)
Bldg 1063 Apple St.
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703-9900

Commander, (907) 353-1300, DSN: 317-353-1300 Operations, (907) 353-1178, DSN: 317-353-1178 FAX: (907) 353-1176


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Want to prepare your unit for the challenges it might face in the mountains of Afghanistan? Or protect your Soldiers from the dangers of a freezing cold snap in Korea? You can see firsthand how experts deal with arctic conditions and mountainous terrain at the Northern Warfare Training Center’s Black Rapid Training Site in Alaska. And the center’s instructors can tell you not only how to overcome tough climates and landscapes, but also how to use them to your advantage. (Read More)