Northern Warfare Training Center |  Fort Wainwright, Alaska  |  1.907.353.1178
The Army's only Cold Region Training Proponent | Battle Cold and Conquer Mountains


Welcome to the official website of the United States Army Alaska's Northern Warfare Training Center. Currently, NWTC is based at Ft. Wainwright with training conducted at the Black Rapids Training Site approximately 30 miles south of Delta Junction, next to the Delta River. The Center is organized as three sections, Operations, Training Branch, and Standards Branch.

We Battle Cold and Conquer Mountains

Arctic, subarctic, and mountain environments are brutally unforgiving to the unprepared. Units that have successfully fought in these environments have historically been those with special individual skills, are physically and mentally tough, and have extensive experience and expertise operating in harsh conditions.

Courses Offered

relevant training

Our mission is to provide relevant training to the leaders of USARAK units so that they can fight and win in demanding cold weather and mountain environments. A Soldier trained in winter is also a good summer fighter; trained only in summer he is helpless in the winter!

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Want to prepare your unit for the challenges it might face in the mountains of Afghanistan? Or protect your Soldiers from the dangers of a freezing cold snap in Korea? You can see firsthand how experts deal with arctic conditions and mountainous terrain at the Northern Warfare Training Center’s Black Rapid Training Site in Alaska. And the center’s instructors can tell you not only how to overcome tough climates and landscapes, but also how to use them to your advantage. (Read More)