Recreation Access

Recreational activities are permitted on Fort Wainwright training areas providing those activities do not conflict with training activities. The Fort Wainwright U. S. Army Recreation Tracking System (USARTRAK) has been established to facilitate public recreational access to the Fort Wainwright training lands. USARTRAK is designed to keep you informed of training area closures, and to help you check in to open training areas. Please review important USARTRAK information and rules to be found at It allows users with a Fort Wainwright Recreational Access Permit to check in through the web site or through an automated telephone system.

You must check-in to USARTRAK every time you go into the training lands

How to Gain Access to Fort Wainwright Training Lands

  1. Obtain a Recreation Access Permit (RAP)
  2. Check into an area by using USARTRAK web site or by calling the automated USARTRAK phone system.

Obtaining a Recreation Access Permit RAP

You can obtain a Recreational Access Permit online from the USARTRAK web site (, or in person at the Fort Wainwright Natural Resource Office (Bldg 3023), Fort Wainwright Visitor Center, The Fort Greely Visitor Center or the Donnelly Training Area Natural Resource Office in the hangar at Allen Army Airfield on Fort Greely.

How to Gain Access to Fort Wainwright Training Lands

You may check-in through the web site ( or by calling the automated USARTRAK phone system (Toll Free 877-705-8725, Fairbanks: 907-353-3181, Delta Junction: 907-873-3181, Palmer 907-373-4637). When checking in with USARTRAK, please remember that you must have a valid RAP, and that you will not be allowed to check in to areas which have been closed due to Army training activities.

If you have trouble getting a RAP or checking in, please call the Fort Wainwright Environmental Office at 907-361-9686.

We hope that you find this system easy to use. It is designed to make the registration and check-in process as simple as possible for you, the recreational user. Please have a safe and enjoyable visit on Fort Wainwright lands!”

How to Gain Access to Fort Wainwright Training Lands

The RAP must be carried on your person while recreating on Fort Wainwright lands. 

Persons 16 years or older wishing to hunt, fish, trap, camp, ORV, or participate in other recreational activities must first get a Recreation Access Permit (RAP) before entering US Army Training Lands.

The RAP is free. The Recreation Access Permit is valid for two years from the date of issue.

The RAP number is required in order to use the Army’s automated access system (USARTRAK). The RAP is good for use on Fort Wainwright’s Main Post, Yukon Training Area, Tanana Flats Training Area, Donnelly Training Area and Gerstle River Training Area.

Steps Involved in Using USARTRAK Automated Phone System

When you call the USARTRAK phone line you will be given a series of prompts that will allow you to select the area you want, activity you will be engaged in, and provide you with information about training area availability. Your RAP number and one of the phone numbers is all you need to access this phone system.
The USARTRAK phone numbers are:

  • Toll Free 877-705-8725
  • Fairbanks: 907-353-3181
  • Delta Junction: 907-873-3181
  • Palmer 907-373-4637

When you call the USARTRAK phone line you will be prompted through the system as follows:

  • Welcome message-USARTRAK serves Fort Wainwright and the Donnelly Training Areas
  • USARTRAK offers the following options:
  • Quit
  • To hear Regional Closures for:
    • Fort Wainwright Main Post
    • Tanana Flats Training Area
    • Yukon Training Area
    • Donnelly East of the Delta River
    • Donnelly West of the Delta River
    • Gerstle River Training Area
    • Black Rapids and Whistler Creek Training Areas
  • To hear closures for a specific training area enter 3 digit training area number you plan to visit. For Gerstle River TA enter 600.
  • To check into a training area
    • Enter your permit number / confirm your permit number
    • Enter additional permit numbers if you are traveling in a group
    • Choose an activity
      • Big Game Hunting
      • Small Game Hunting
      • Fishing
      • ORV
      • Trapping
      • Firewood/Christmas Tree Cutting
      • Other (all other activities not listed or related to the above such as birding, berrypicking, hiking, mushing, etc)
    • Enter the number of days you plan to visit (You must choose between 1 and 25)
    • Enter the 3 digit training area number you plan to visit
    • You have completed the automated check in


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