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16th CAB

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25th Infantry


  • Please contact Inbound Services as soon as you arrive on Post.
Inbound/Outbound Counselors
Bldg. 3401, 1st Floor
Fax: 353-1146

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 0800 to 1600
Thursday 1000 to 1600
Lunch 1130 to 1230
  • Provide a permanent address and phone number as soon as possible.
  • Please contact Inbound with any questions regarding the delivery of household goods.

Upon arrival at Fort Wainwright, please contact INBOUND at (907) 353-1108/1193/1155/1125 and provide them with a good contact phone number.

Scheduling delivery of household goods – To schedule delivery of your personal property, you will need an address and a date for delivery.

Requesting Tracer Actions – We will not initiate tracer actions of personal property until the day after the Required Delivery Date (RDD). The RDD can be found on the Government Bill of Lading (GBL, block 8).

Extending Temporary Storage – The entitlement for temporary storage is 90 days. A 90-day extension may be granted for:

  • Serious illness of the member or dependent (must provide doctor’s statement).
  • Impending assignment to Government quarters (must provide housing letter).
  • Directed TDY after arrival at permanent duty station (must provide TDY orders).
  • Non-Availability of suitable civilian housing.
  • Awaiting completion of residence under construction (must provide letter from builder).
  • Acts of God.

To extend your storage, you must provide a DD Form 1857 and any supporting documentation. The form must be submitted prior to your current storage expiration date. This form can be found, or obtained, from the INBOUND Section, Fort Wainwright.


The following information was extracted from a Department of Army Message disseminated to the field and concerns household goods (HHG) shipment/storage in connection with Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom.

TDY Weight Allowance

a. Operation Noble Eagle: Authorized when orders state “on active duty for a period greater than 200 days.”

b. Operation Enduring Freedom: Not authorized.

Special Storage of HHG

During TDY/deployment for 90 or more days or an indefinite period when no PCS is involved, Special Storage is authorized for:

  • Single soldier (copy of LES that shows “without dependents” is required).
  • Soldier married to another Service member when both are deployed (copy of spouse deployment orders required).
  • Soldier married to another Service member and reside at different permanent duty stations (copy of spouse orders required).
  • Single parents with a childcare plan that requires dependent's) to leave residence (copy of childcare plan required).

Storage of POVs

Use of the TCS orders accounting classification to fund POV storage is not authorized.

Storage under the Department of Defense Global POV Contract is not authorized.

USARAK does not have approval to authorize reimbursement for personally-procured storage of POVs.


Please don’t wait until the last moment to come to the Personal Property Section to schedule for pack and pick up of your personal property.   Waiting until the last moment could jeopardize your chances of having your personal property packed and picked up on the dates you specify.  To schedule your appointment with a household goods (HHG) counselor, it is best to come into the office as soon as you are in receipt of your orders.

Detailed counseling will be provided at time of appointment.


Service members who are separating from the service are entitled to shipment of household goods (HHG) to their home of record (HOR) or Place Entered Active Duty. If HHG are shipped to an alternate destination, service members may be liable for excess costs.

HHG may be shipped via a government-arranged move, a DITY move, or a combination of both moves.

Entitlement to HHG transportation terminates on the 181st day following separation from the service unless a written application for HHG transportation is turned in before the expiration of the 180th day. When a HHG transportation application is made within 180 days, HHG must be turned over for transportation as soon as practicable after the submission. The Transportation Office will determine “practicability” based on the facts and circumstances in each case.

In hardship cases, an extension of the time limit may be authorized/approved for a specific additional period of time. The request for extension must be in writing, addressed to the Transportation Officer, and submitted to the Personal Property Section at least 30 days in advance of the expiration date. Supporting documentation must accompany the request.

Any excess costs (if applicable) associated with shipment of HHG will be collected in advance of the HHG being shipped.

Excess Costs: To avoid excess weight charges, make sure you stay within your JFTR weight allowance.  When estimating weight of HHG, a good rule of thumb is to estimate 1,000 lbs per room (excluding bathrooms). During the pre-move survey, you can also ask the pre-move surveyor to give you his/her estimation on what your HHG weigh. If there is a chance you will be over your weight allowance, it may be in your best interest to have a garage sale and/or make a generous donation to your favorite charity.

The “It’s Your Move” (www.usapa.army.mil/pdffiles/p55_2.pdf)pamphlet provides excellent information on preparing for your move.

The following list is designed to supplement the "It's Your Move" pamphlet by addressing the most common customer service concerns.

1. Be Prepared - You or your releasing agent must be present between 0800 and 1700 on the day(s) scheduled for pack and pick up. Do not negotiate with the carrier or agent to deviate from this responsibility. Also, you should not schedule appointments during your HHG move or request last minute schedule changes, as this often disrupts service for other members. You should not leave your residence during packing or pick-up services. Otherwise, the carrier will terminate services and charge waiting time at your expense. Ensure your residence is clean and organized for the move. Carriers can refuse to pack and pick-up your items if your HHGs and home are not clean and organized. Attempted pick-up charges will be your responsibility. Be sure to secure valuables, i.e., currency, jewelry, credit cards, and other expensive items under lock and key and separate from your household goods.

2. Carrier Personnel - The number of packers and loaders assigned to your move is usually determined by the weight of your shipment; however, no set industry standard is mandated through any contractual provisions. When you have packing and loading concerns associated with allotted manpower for your move, please work with the pre-move surveyor and the local agent.

3. Special Requests - Premium packaging requests, bubble pack, shrink-wrap, double packing, and other specialized packaging requests should be addressed with the pre-move surveyor during the pre-move survey. These types of requests will be your responsibility, and all financial arrangements must be negotiated with the carrier. Please keep in mind the carrier has already contractually agreed to protect your property with packaging procedures most commonly used throughout the household goods industry. All interior crate requests must be approved in advance and requested by the carrier/agent. The crating of furniture, to include antiques, is not approved at government expense. The value of an item does not mandate crating, as mirror packs and clock boxes provide more than ample protection. The Quality Control Inspectors will conduct on-site inspections before approving crates, so please discuss your concerns with the pre-move surveyor during the pre-move survey.

4. Line Haul Equipment - The government's contract with carriers to provide line haul service is based on weight. Since we do not own the rights to the truck, but only that portion dedicated to the estimated weight of your shipment, do not anticipate an empty truck exclusively for your shipment. If all of your property does not fit on the truck, the carrier must find additional carriage, which results in a split shipment. This situation is often unavoidable and does not violate any contractual agreements. Further, there may be circumstances when the local agent must pick-up your HHG. Again; this is not a contract violation as long as your shipment arrives prior to the established date.

5. Inventories - During the inventory process, it is imperative you understand the exception codes. In an effort to mutually agree, you should work closely with the carrier's representative preparing the inventory. Do not wait until the truck is loaded to disagree with the exceptions, as this situation is best handled when the inventory is being prepared. It is routine for the carrier to use "MCU" (mechanical condition unknown) on all electronic items. Use the remarks section of the inventory for disagreements. Further, it is your responsibility to ensure professional books, paper, and equipment are specifically identified.

6. Crating or Vaulting - For shipments going into non-temporary storage, contractors are not required to crate or vault your household goods at your residence. Although shipments are routinely vaulted at the member's residence, certain items are usually segregated, stored separately, and vaulted at the contractor's warehouse. On international moves, the carrier will crate your property at residence and apply seals on the exterior door of the container. If approved by the member and/or the transportation office, leftover or overflow items are routinely transported back to the warehouse for crating. Be sure the inventory is marked appropriately to identify those items not crated at your residence.

7. Real Property Damage - If your residence is damaged during the move, it is considered real property damage and is not covered through normal HHG claims processes. To arrange for repair or compensation, you should contact the management of the local company picking up/delivering your household goods. If arrangements cannot be arranged quickly, ensure you obtain a signed written statement that real property damage occurred. Please feel free to contact the Quality Control Inspectors for assistance.

8. Deliveries - Upon delivery of your household goods, ensure your items are unpacked and reassembled. Once you sign block 14b of the DD Form 1840\1840R, your move has been completed and no additional services are required of the contractor, including box and debris pick ups.  During the delivery, you may be asked to sign a DD Form 619-1 certifying additional services were performed, i.e., stair carries, long carries, shuttle services, and other unusual requests. Before signing, please ensure these services were performed.

9. Third Party Requests - For safe transport, some complex household goods items (i.e., unusual clocks, German shranks, etc.) beyond the scope and expertise of the carrier/agent may require a specialist to disassemble and reassemble items. The carrier or designated representative is responsible for contacting and arranging approval for these services.

10. Claims - It is very important that you list an estimate of damage and/or loss on the DD Form 1840. The estimate will help Quality Control evaluate the carrier's performance for your shipment. Also, to substantiate subsequently found loss/damage claims against the carrier and facilitate increased reimbursements, remember to contact your local claims office and forward the DD Form 1840/1840R within 70 days of delivery.

Do Not Sign In Unless You Have An Appointment

  • Fill out an outbound appointment questionnaire. Please ensure the form is completely filled out, as this could hinder your pack and pick-up.
  • Leave your questionnaire and orders in the brown box. Someone will telephone you for a briefing.
  • We need the following number of orders if to meet your shipping requirements.
Household Goods Leave 2 sets of orders
Baggage Leave 4 sets of orders
DITY Move Leave 3 sets of orders
POV Shipping Leave 4 sets of orders



  • If you are shipping a POV you must leave 2 copies of the POV registration and the length, width and height of the POV. If you have just purchased the POV, then we will need 2 copies of the purchase agreement.
  • If you are using a POV to do a DITY move we must have 2 copies of the registration.
  • Do not leave your questionnaire until this information is complete.
  • For Official Travel Distances navigate to https://dtod.sddc.army.mil/default.aspx:/


1. PCS Weight Allowances (IAW Joint Federal Travel Regulation)

Grade                 w/Dependents          w/o Dependents

O-6 to O-10              18,000                        18,000        Exception: Entitlement is limited to

O-5/W-5                    17,500                        16,000        2,000 pounds or 25 percent of HHG

O-4/W-4                    17,000                        14,000        weight allowance, whichever is

O-3/W-3                    14,500                        13,000        greater, when shipment is to/from

O-2/W-2                    13,500                        12,500        an overseas station that has been

O-1/W-1                    12,000                        10,000        designated by the military service

E-9                             14,500                        12,000        concerned as a place where public

E-8                             13,500                        11,000        quarters or private housing is

E-7                             12,500                        10,500        furnished with government-owned

E-6                             11,000                          8,000        furnishings.

E-5                               9,000                          7,000

E-4                               8,000                          7,000

E-3 to E-1                    8,000                          5,000

2. Weight Allowances for Unaccompanied Personnel Going Overseas

Grade                  Short Tour                Long Tour

O-6 to O-10              1,000                          4,500             NOTE: Alaska is considered

O-5/W-5                    1,000                          4,000             an overseas tour, therefore

O-4/W-4                    1,000                          3,500             unaccompanied soldiers are

O-3/W-3                    1,000                          1,500             restricted to these weights.

O-2/W-2                    1,000                          1,400             (This does not include the

O-1/W-1                    1,000                          1,400              unaccompanied baggage

E-9                             1,000                          1,600              weight allowance.)

E-8                                800                          1,500

E-7                                700                          1,500

E-6                                500                          1,250

E-5                                500                          1,000

E-4                                500                             800

E-3 to E-1                     500                            700

3. Unaccompanied Baggage Weight Allowances

General Officers (O-8, O-9 and O-10)            1,000              Dependents of military members

General Officers (O-7)                                         800              adult/child 12 years and older    350

Colonels (O-6)                                                      800              Each child under 12                    175

Other Officers                                                       600

Enlisted Members                                                500



  NOTICE AND CONSENT: Please read our security notice.

Home / Food Services / Installation Maintenance / Plans & Ops / Supply Support Activity / Transportation / Transportation Motor Pool /
Fort Wainwright Home Customer Satisfaction Survey / DOL External SOP
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