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Welcome to Fort Wainwright, Alaska! The following information is to assist you and your Family upon arrival and when in-processing. The Garrison Replacement Detachment is a 24-hour operation servicing all in-processing Soldiers.


Emergencies: While enroute to Fort Wainwright, and extenuating emergency situations arise, please contact (800) 582-5552.


Family: Soldiers MUST have Concurrent Travel in order to be authorized to bring their Family with them when initially arriving to Alaska and in order to be paid for the dependent travel. This travel decision MUST be processed through the losing installation Reassignment Section before PCSing to Alaska. If family members travel before they are authorized, you will not be reimbursed for their travel. If you are authorized to bring your family members to Alaska with you initially, their names must be listed on your orders.


Transportation: From Fairbanks International Airport: After you pick up your luggage from the baggage claim, there is a Kiosk located at the Fairbanks Information Desk, with a courtesy phone and numbers to contact Fort Wainwright’s Garrison Replacement Detachment (907) 353-4311/353-2273 to request transportation from the Airport. You can also take a taxi (which is reimbursable if receipt is turned in to Finance) from the Airport to building 3419, Rhineland Ave., on Fort Wainwright. Fort Wainwright lodging is located at building 3402 on Santiago Ave.


Signing In: If you are signing in off leave during duty hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) Monday—Friday, please report to building 3401, Santiago Ave. (907)-353-2273 with a copy of your orders and leave form. If you are signing in off leave after duty hours, weekends or Holidays (4:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.), please report to building 3419, (907) 353-4311, with a copy of your orders and leave form.


Billeting: E-5 and below unaccompanied Soldiers will reside in Fort Wainwright Garrison Replacement Detachment Barracks, building 3419. E-6 and above and those accompanied with Family Members should make temporary housing arrangements before they report to Fort Wainwright. All lodging can be found on Fairbanks, Alaska websites. Fort Wainwright lodging (Holiday Inn) is located in building 3402 on Santiago Ave.


Note: General In-processing Information: In-processing is a 5-day process which consists of: Briefings from a variety of agencies on post such as Army Community Service, Finance, Transportation, TriCare, medical and dental in-processing, SGLV & DD93 updates, and CIF issue.


Note: Soldiers arriving in Alaska from October 1, to May 1, should arrive with their Gortex jacket, trousers, and gloves on hand if they were issued.


Documents to be turned in upon arrival: Copy of orders and Leave Form (DA Form 31).




Please let us know how we are doing.






To contact us:


Comm: (907) 353-2253

           (907) 353-2273

           (907) 353-2220