Fort Wainwright
Voter Registration Agency





The installation voter assistance office serves as a Voter Registration Agency under the NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) and provides the following voting related services:
-Assistance to all military members and their families
-Registration assistance to civilians who have access to and visit the office
-Written information on voter procedures
-Collecting and reporting of voting activity metrics

Fort Wainwright Voter Assistance office

In the Welcome Center, Building 3401, Room 133
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Contact FWA VAO

Phone: 353-2095

Army Voting Videos

SMA; excercising your right to vote (YouTube) a SMA on Absentee Voting (YouTube)

Army Voter Links

General Voting Information, Upcoming elections and links to training  

Army Voter Documents & Publications

PDF 2012 Army Voting Assistance Program (AVAP)
PDF DoD Directive:
FVAP (Fedral Voting Assistance Program)
PDF USARPAC 2012 Voting Action Plan PDF LTG Mixon Memorandom:
2010-2011 Army Voting Assistanc Program within USARPAC
PDF USARAK Voting Action Plan 2012 - 2013
PDF OPORD 10-07-004 - IMCOM Pacific Region
2010-2011 Voting Assistance Program Implementation

Voting Assistance Officer Training

PDF VAO self training and certification for 2012 PDF VAO self training and certification for 2012
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