5-1 Cavalry Squadron (RSTA)



From the beginning of history, the Soldier who has ridden into battle, whether on horseback or armored vehicle, has been preeminent in warfare. More often than not, he has been the decisive factor on the battlefield- the difference between victory and defeat. Many armies have risen to greatness on the strength of their mounted army, and the American Cavalryman ranks as one of the greatest mounted Soldiers to appear on any battlefield. Although the uniforms, weapons, vehicles, and equipment have changed over time, there is one thing that has not- the individual Trooper, Non-Commissioned Officer, and Officer. The 5th Squadron, 1st Cavalry is the "eyes and ears" of the 1st SBCT, 25th Infantry Division. As the Reconnaissance Squadron for a Stryker Brigade Combat Team, we play an essential role in enbaling the SBCT's success on the battlefield. Not unlike the early days of the cavalry forging ahead on horseback to find the enemy, protect flanks, or fight as required, the modern Stryker Reconnaissance Squadron remains the most maneuverable and flexible asset in the U.S. Army.


"I was mounted on a fine horse, and was pleased to see my warriors so brave. I addressed them in a loud voice, telling them to stand their ground and never yield it to the enemy."
- Makataimeshekiakiak (Black Sparrow Hawk)